Will My Property Taxes Go Down if the Proposed HLC Gets Approved?

Have you ever heard your neighbor say this?

I’m in favor of the proposal at Green Meadow because my property taxes will go down - YES!!

While we all want lower property taxes, this might not necessarily happen if the proposed Hudson Logistics Center gets approved. Going from a golf course to a massive distribution center ought to create millions of dollars in new property tax revenue yearly for the town of Hudson (Hillwood estimates $4.8 million in net revenue). One would assume this would lead to more money for our schools. Nearly 67% of our current property tax bill goes towards local and state education. However, once the town budgeting starts and the department heads come up with their wish lists for what they want, our taxes will only go up.

More revenue coming into the town means the town has more money to spend on their needs and wish-list items. The town could hire more people, fix or build new roads, repair buildings or even build new ones, fund school programs or sports, and the list continues. All of which will have a carrying cost for years to come. Once the town gets used to spending at a higher level, they won’t go backward. Can you recall a time when a government reduced its spending because they were taking in more tax dollars? Many people have lived in Hudson for decades and have seen many new developments come in. Have you seen your property taxes go down? Many have seen them double, triple, and even quadruple over the time they have been living here.

It's human nature to spend more as you make more. Some of you reading this have probably changed jobs to make more money. Did you keep your spending at the same level it once was or did you start spending more to go along with your new level of pay? Maybe you bought some new clothing, a new car, or maybe even a new more expensive house? It’s human nature to spend more as you make more, and a town and the people that run it are no exception. The town will increase its budgets to meet its expanding needs and to expand their departments to keep pace with the growth of the town.

Now taking this possible new development, the town will have to increase its spending to accommodate traffic, safety, etc. One could assume that the fire and police departments might need to be further expanded to ensure the safety of its residents and the new tenant. If a fire or an emergency occurred at these massive facilities, Hudson's current emergency services might not be large enough to handle it today. To further help put expansion costs into perspective, the new 204 Lowell Road fire station cost the town $2.1 million to build, imagine the upgrades the town could make to the existing fire and police with $4.8 million per year. On top if this the town will have new roads and areas to build, plow, and maintain to accommodate the increased traffic.

Although we would all love to celebrate over a lower property tax bill, we should pump the brakes on buying the party hats. Let's wait to see if the project goes through what Hillwood will be paying in taxes, and what the new town budget is with their newfound wealth. Until then, don’t go spending your hopeful tax break (though it would be pretty useful this holiday season).