Speedy Deliveries Come at the Cost of Safety

Everyone loves two-day deliveries or the even better same day delivery options when it comes to making purchases on Amazon. However, the cost is more than just your annual Prime membership fees.

Below you will find a number of different articles that show the real cost of fast deliveries from Amazon, which comes by way of ignoring safety and instilling fear-discipline if quotas are not met.

January 9, 2019 - A 9-month-old child was killed by an Amazon delivery driver who crashed into the rear end of the mother's Jeep.(1)

The driver was interviewed and stated, “She was running late” and failed to spot the Jeep in time to avoid the crash. The Amazon delivery driver was a subcontracted driver who had rented a 26-foot box truck, in order to transport Amazon packages from its Boston facility to 5 different Maine locations.

Amazon’s stance on the safety of its contracted drivers is that it is not responsible for the “Human Toll,” as they cite they have agreements with their delivery partners which include verbiage such as “defend, indemnify and hold harmless Amazon” and “all loss or damage to personal property or bodily harm including death.” In short once it leaves our warehouse we're are no longer responsible for the subcontractor’s performance.

10-Year-Old Lafayette Boy On Bike Fatally Struck By Amazon Delivery Vehicle Identified - July 29, 2020 (2)

A young 10 year old boy was riding his bicycle and was struck by an Amazon delivery driver. The boy was transported to the hospital and later declared deceased from his injuries. The driver remained on scene and it was reported that blood was drawn to testing. The accident was still under investigation with no additional details.

Amazon, FedEx Truck Involved in Chain Reaction Crash on I-5 near Patterson. - April 30, 2020 (3)

A chain reaction on the freeway - as a FedEx truck slowed down for traffic when an unnamed truck rear-ended him and moments following an Amazon truck crashed into this truck creating a three truck accident.

Multi-Vehicle Crash Involving Amazon Prime Truck Splits Vehicle In Two In Solano County. - February 28, 2020 (4)

An Amazon Prime truck crossed over the center divider and struck another tractor traveling in the opposite direction as well as several other vehicles traveling in the opposite direction. One vehicle was hit with such force that it was flipped over and ripped in two.

Amazon Truck Caught on Camera Hitting Covington Home. February 26, 2020 (5)

A homeowner comes home to find the wall of their garage damaged. As they reviewed the security camera footage to find out what happened - what they saw was unacceptable.

An Amazon delivery van pulls up in the driveway, the driver's door opens, and the driver runs out around the front of the van as fast as they can to deliver the package. While the driver is at the door, out of view of the camera, the van rolls approximately 10-15 feet and impacts the wall. Immediately the driver runs around the back of the van, gets in, and drives off as if nothing ever happened. The footage revealed that they didn't even look to see if anything or to what extent it was damaged. The homeowner filed a police report.

1-Year-Old Killed in Collision with Amazon Prime Truck on New Jersey Turnpike.” WABC, June 27, 2020 (6)

A Toyota Camry was traveling in the Emergency Breakdown Lane when an Amazon Tractor Trailer traveling at a high rate of speed struck them trapping them inside. A 1-year-old boy died as a result of the collision. This accident required 3 fire departments to respond and also required a crane to remove the tractor off the car, in order for firefighters to gain access and free the trapped travelers.


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