Resident POV: Keyboard Warriors Dilute Facts - Education Is Key

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Post Written By Lindsay Benson

key·board war·ri·or


a person who makes aggressive posts on the Internet

This term, keyboard warrior, has become a common and widely understood term these days. I am particularly aware of their presence on local resident Facebook groups. When an important town issue arises that all residents should become aware of and gather information on, these keyboard warriors come out to play. They do not care about facts. While I’ve left most of the Facebook groups in Hudson, I will not be silenced. This is my effort to share information that every resident in Hudson and neighboring towns should pay attention to and become informed about. 

On April 21, an application was submitted to the Hudson Planning Board to develop a distribution center at the site known as Green Meadow Golf Course. On May 6, the Planning Board declared this development of Regional Impact, pursuant to RSA 36:55.  Since this time, there has been one public meeting at the Community Center as well as a Site Walk that was open to the public to attend. 

This is where I’d like to warn residents of the keyboard warriors. They will tell you that since this is the sale of private property there is nothing anyone can do about it. I have seen dozens of comments that this is a “done deal” and yet, none of these posters can back that statement up with a reliable source. On the other hand, I reached out to our Town Planner and he assured me that this is not a done deal. In terms of the planning board application, information to the planning board does have an impact.  

On June 24th, the applicant (Hillwood) deferred their next meeting with the Planning Board to July 22nd at 7PM. I have been told that the applicant is working on revisions based directly on the comments, feedback, and concerns that residents have written about, called in, and stated publicly. Yes, your voice matters! Please, do not let the noisy keyboard warriors and misinformation create, fear, apathy and inaction. 

Stay informed by reading up:

Hudson Town Planning Board:

Citizens against the 2.5M square feet of warehouse space:

Applicant Website for Proposed Plan:

And then, once you’ve formed an opinion and/or have questions, please share those opinions and questions with following decision makers:

Hudson Planning Board

Board of Selectman

Brian Groth, Hudson Town Planner

Hudson Logistics Center

Robert Scott, Commissioner of NH Department of Environmental Services

Victoria Sheehan, Commissioner of NH Department of Transportation

This would be the largest development Hudson has ever seen. The largest Logistics Center (distribution warehouse space) in New Hampshire. About the size of 45 NFL football fields. If this raises an eyebrow for you, take the time to learn more, stay involved, and become a part of a united voice to do whatever we can to help Hudson stay connected to its roots while developing responsibly to create a sustainable future.


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