August 12 Planning Board Recap: Tenant Revealed & Property Value Impacts Discussion

On August 12, the Hudson Planning Board had a meeting with Hillwood and their consultants to discuss the impact on property values that the proposed Hudson Logistics Center would have on the neighboring communities and then town. It was also revealed that the tenant of building A & B would be Amazon. For a complete breakdown of the evening see below or watch the planning board meeting here.

Planning Board Meeting Highlights

  • Hillwood presented two contracted studies of the impact the HLC would have on property values. The plan was to also present the economic impact on the town but the time was mostly spent on these two property value studies. The economic impact was deferred to the next meeting

  • The two studies presented looked at the property value impact on direct abutters as well as regional property value impacts

  • Hillwood’s consultants used property sale values from MLS and Zillow, in areas that they considered to have the best available comparisons

  • Both consultant’s conclusions were the HLC will have no impact on abutting or regional property values

  • The Planning Board identified shortcomings with the data the consultants used. I.e. property sales that were missing, and the fact that they did not use the registry of deeds to capture all sales

  • The planning board challenged the consultant’s conclusions and credibility

  • The Planning Board hired a consultant (Mr Thibault) to peer review Hillwood’s studies and he presented his findings. A summary of those findings are as follows:

  • The consultants used the best comps that were available to them but they are not representative of proposed HLC’s impact on Hudson

  • The comps did not consider any of the impacts associated with the increase in noise, pollution, traffic, etc

  • The housing types used in the comp evaluation are not representative of the neighborhood abutting the Green Meadow property

  • The Planning board made a point to highlight the credibility of Mr Thibault’s peer review. To the point where the board requested that he perform the property value impact study for the town. Mr Thibault said he would think about it.

  • The public was allowed to speak at this meeting

  • The savehudsonnh group attorney Amy Manzelli spoke on behalf of the 50 homes she represents and articulated the resident’s opposition to this project

  • 9 Hudson Residents from the savehudsonnh membership gave impassioned presentations on the various negative impacts the HLC will have on Hudson’s character and their quality of life

  • Not everyone was able to speak before the meeting time limit was realized

  • The Planning Board took names of individuals who wished to speak but couldn’t and will allow them to do so at the next meeting.

The next meeting will be on August 26, 2020 at 7 p.m. That meeting will continue to be focused on the financial impacts this project will have. 


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