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SaveHudsonNH finds articles about distribution centers in the news each week and posts them to help educate the town on the "buzz" surrounding a distribution center.

Amazon’s poor treatment of workers is catching up to it during the coronavirus crisis

This article discusses how Amazon has treated its employees during the Coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic has made work at Amazon facilities even more busy, with every day in March essentially being equivalent to Black Friday. According to the article, Amazon processing numbers have been up 10-40% this year. Amazon has no interest in providing paid sick time for workers who feel the need to quarantine without a positive test, but rather is executing a plan to bring on 100,000 new employees. Read the complete article here.

"Control, humiliation, and unabating anxiety": Amazon's labor practices under scrutiny

This article details the recent efforts Amazon has taken in order to stop its workers from unionizing. Amazon has used data analytics to thwart employees from unionizing, by studying data which includes the number of employees that are below the poverty line, how diverse the staff is, and using cameras in warehouses and stores to make sure that employees are staying away from each other in order to stop them from unionizing. Amazon also has been exploiting COVID-19 as an excuse to stop unionization. Managers are allowed to be within 6 feet of each other, yet employees at risk of unionization are reprimanded while they are within talking distance of one another. Learn more here.

Eyes Everywhere: Amazon's Surveillance Infrastructure and Revitalizing Worker Power

This 24 page long study goes into depth on the ways that Amazon surveils, controls and mistreats their employees. Amazon uses highly sophisticated technologies to create a highly oppressive surveillance infrastructure that controls and monitors employee behavior. Amazon tracks productivity far beyond a basic level, and if employees do not reach the desired productivity level, they are let go. At the end of every shift at a facility, employees must adhere to a 25 minute-to-1 hour long screening making sure that they did not steal any items: They are not compensated for this screening. The study also goes in depth on Amazon’s efforts to stop worker organizing, the rein of corporate power at Amazon and oppressive forms of worker surveillance. Read the study here.

Injuries at Fresno's Amazon warehouse are triple industry average

This report, written in January 19 of this year, details how a Fresno warehouse has three times the injury rate of employees. One employee, who was satisfied with her job up until this point, was left unable to work due to a wrist injury she maintained on the job. After she stopped receiving workers compensation payments, she relied on her husband's income and is left unable to even lift a gallon of milk, Amazon left her with no options. View the full article here.

We Are Watched to Prevent Mass Resistance: Amazon Workers Discuss Being Spied On

This Vice article discusses how Amazon employees infiltrated private Facebook groups where workers would share frustration and jokes about working for Amazon, as well as sometimes criticizing the company’s working conditions. A site called motherboard published Amazon's internal documents showing how Amazon meticulously spies on their employees on Facebook by infiltrated these private groups. These efforts are done to prevent workers from unionizing against the company, as well as to monitor potentially disgruntled employees. Learn more here.


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