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SaveHudsonNH finds articles about distribution centers in the news each week and posts them to help educate the town on the "buzz" surrounding a distribution center.

Amazon’s contract drivers are hanging cell phones in trees next to distribution centers and Whole Foods stores

Amazon Flex drivers have been recently found to be leaving phones in trees near a Whole Foods store to help them grab incoming orders in faster via the Amazon Flex app. The Amazon Flex app is used to choose drivers to carry out deliveries based on proximity to the store. Flex drivers can use this to avoid requirements such as having a driver’s license. Sources said there is a coordinated group working together in the scheme in hopes that having multiple phones would keep Amazon from noticing the plan. Learn more about this scheme and how this could affect the communities they are servicing, here.

Tyngsboro officials concerned about proposed mega-development in Hudson

The town of Tyngsboro has learned about the proposed Hudson Logistics Center. The Tyngsboro Planning Board has reached out to Hudson to discuss steps going forward on preventing the possible disturbances these warehouses will cause. The problems both towns will face include truck traffic, light and sound pollution due to the center running 24/7, diesel fumes, and pollution to the Merrimack River and Limit Brook. Read the full article here.

Amazon posted – and then deleted – a job listing for an intelligence analyst to monitor workers’ effort to unionize

Amazon recently posted a job listing for an “intelligence analyst” with tasks such as gathering information for use in Amazon’s legal actions and monitoring workers’ efforts to unionize. This job listing was taken down less than a week later after Business Insider reached out to Amazon to comment on the position. This is only one of many of Amazon’s attempts to prevent workers from their right to protest. Learn how Amazon is attempting to roadblock unionizing at their facilities, here.

Abandoned mall department stores may become Amazon’s next fulfillment centers

Simon Property Group, one of the largest owners of shopping mall real estate in the United States, has been discussing changing their department stores into Amazon distribution hubs. The group first mentioned this to the Wall Street Journal when discussing future plans. Stores, such as JC Penney and Sears, are seeing the end of their days in these malls leading to the group looking into changing over to Amazon warehouses. In 2019, Amazon turned a mall in Akron, Ohio into a distribution center, similar to their plan with the Simon malls. Read how Amazon is converting department store spaces into fulfillment center, here.


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