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SaveHudsonNH finds articles about distribution centers in the news each week and posts them to help educate the town on the "buzz" surrounding a distribution center.

Inside the hellish workday of an Amazon warehouse employee

This piece describes the physical toll Amazon employees endure by just doing their jobs. Emily Guendelsberger decided to begin working at an Amazon fulfilment center, and within three days, her body was breaking down. Guendelsberger describes popping advil pills like candy, just to get through the day. Guendelsberger recalls the abuse that employees would endure from upper management, and how often they remained grateful as they needed the income from the job to survive.

The article makes the important distinction that warehouse work has not become more strenuous in recent years, but warehouse jobs at Amazon are particularly stressful due to the constant monitoring of employees through newly implemented technologies. Guendelsberger says that employees are likened to robots, and essentially are forced to compete as if they were robots. Read the complete article here.

‘I'm not a robot’: Amazon workers condemn unsafe, grueling conditions at warehouse

This article, posted February 5, 2020, details the poor working conditions of a typical Amazon warehouse facility and the organized response by its workers to demand better conditions. Rina Cummings, one of the organizers, describes insufficient break times, a lack of transit, & goes in depth on the facility’s injury rate (3 times the national average). In response to the injury rate, rather than making substantial changes, Amazon simply implemented video cameras at work stations in order to monitor & punish employees who do not meet their challenging quotas. Learn more here.

Amazon warehouse workers say they're risking coronavirus exposure to fulfill your Amazon Prime orders

This piece, published May 29, 2020, details the lack of care and security at an Amazon warehouse in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania during the coronavirus pandemic. As well as the public facade Amazon employed via an ad campaign, that they value their “retail heroes” Even after Amazon instituted basic safety necessities at this facility, including provided masks & hand sanitizer, workers at this facility do not feel safe or as if Amazon has responded responsibly. An older at risk, employee by the name of Rosie, details her feelings of feeling stuck and forced to work in unsafe conditions in order to make ends meet. Rosie feels alarmed by several factors, including unreplaced and dirty air filters, an incident involving a visibly ill employee vomiting, and a lack of enforced social distancing. Rosie also says that Amazon management at the facility had brushed aside the passing of a coworker from COVID-19 without telling employees. Read the full article here.

Amazon warehouse workers strike to protest inhumane conditions

This article details the strike that Amazon employees at a fulfilment center in Shakopee, Minnesota took on “Prime Day” 2019. Tired of the hostile and unreasonable conditions set for employees, at 2PM of Prime Day. Amazon suppressed both the efforts of the protest, and for workers to unionize at this facility. Amazon’s official position on the matter accused the protestors of using Prime Day to increase membership dues, and said that they were spreading misinformation, and finally that Amazon already provided all of the demands including $15 per hour. Learn more here.


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