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SaveHudsonNH finds articles about distribution centers in the news each week and posts them to help educate the town on the "buzz" surrounding a distribution center.

Why Warehouse Working Conditions Are Now in the Spotlight

An Amazon warehouse in Kentucky had multiple workers test positive for Covid-19, and the facility only closed for a few days then expected all workers to return. Many people are shopping online due to the current pandemic, which has led to distribution warehouses being considered essential businesses and remaining open putting workers near one another. Other manufacturers, such as TheRealReal and Ralph Lauren, had similar struggles with workers feeling as though the companies are not putting their safety first. Read the complete article here.

What It Looks Like Inside an Amazon Warehouse Now

Amazon recently was under fire for its response to the COVID-19 outbreak. The New York Times was recently invited to tour an Amazon facility to view the new safety protocols that were put in place to help combat the spread of COVID-19. In their report, the Times said they saw the use of social distancing, masks, and hand sanitizer among other practices. However, upon interviewing the employees many stated that the changes were only for show and only done in warehouses that were to be shown to the public. Learn more here.

I'm not a Robot’: Amazon Workers Condemn Unsafe, Grueling Conditions at Warehouse

This article elaborates on why many Amazon employees are condemning the unsafe conditions at these warehouses. Multiple employees interviewed compared the treatment to that of robots. The employees are petitioning for a 30-minute break rather than two 15-minute ones, reliable public transit, and for Amazon to acknowledge the high injury rates at the facility. The injury rates at Amazon warehouses are three times the national average based on injury reports sent into the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Read the complete article, here.

Ruthless Quotas at Amazon Are Maiming Employees

This article focuses on the near impossible quotas Amazon employees are expected to maintain, especially during the holiday season. The company’s famous speed and technological innovation has driven the CEO to be one of the richest humans on earth and the company to be the nation’s second largest private employer. This famous speed has led to warehouses becoming injury mills.The rate of serious injury at Amazon warehouses was more than two times the national average for the warehousing industry. Learn more about worker injuries here.


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