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Residents of Hudson & Surrounding Towns Share Their Concerns or Views

Years ago the town didn’t purchase the former friary land and now we have an 80-unit apartment building going up when we could have had a beautiful park or athletic fields, boat access or town offices.  No foresight whatsoever.  Now they want to build this monstrosity of a distribution center on top of homes, ruining green space, displacing wildlife.  It’s a tragedy that the town is now full of strip malls and half empty business parks already.  Absolutely no planning done in this town that supports enhancing the lives of the residents, just more traffic, noise and air pollution.  This project needs to be stopped!

-SK of Hudson, NH


More like Hudson Logistical Nightmare Center

-Frank Mullen of Hudson, NH


I've been visiting Hudson for decades and consider it a second home of peace and tranquility. I'd like to help preserve that or support it in whatever way I can.

-Lance Hunter of Milford, CT


This is horrible deal for Hudson. We don't need low wage jobs in exchange for our open space. Average house cost 320000. There paying 15 an hour come off it. This will just be noise and traffic with nothing to gain for families.

-Josh Lessard of Hudson, NH


I am vehemently opposed to this development.

-Maureen Jozokos of Hudson, NH


I ride my motorcycle on Kimball Hill and 111 a lot and so do a lot of people. This will really increase our chances of getting hit and killed I moved here to avoid traffic and be in a peaceful place this breaks my heart if we have to move again, I thought Hudson was going to be our permanent home.

-R of Hudson, NH

This plan is the worst one proposed for this land in the last 20 years. Not only will it totally destroy the natural environment, wildlife and Merrimack River banks, it will also pollute the air and water of the Southern NH region for years to come and reek havoc on an already overstressed road system. A project like this belongs in a totally industrialized region, not abutting a large neighborhood and beautiful river.

-Mary Palmer of Hudson, NH


It would be horrible for the community, environment and the people of Hudson, NH for this project to move forward.

-Stephen Ciaccio of Nashua, NH


I'm very interested in the infrastructure plans to handle emergencies and Fire.

-KB of Nashua NH


I oppose this development.  It will destroy the environment and our town roads are not able to handle the proposed traffic! What are the tax exemptions that have been mentioned that this development is seeking?  Why should they be given any exemption at all?  Will they be required bonds in $millions to ensure that all work is completed?  Or if traffic estimates are underestimated to cover costs needed to support these?

Why is the name of the lessor that is being hidden?  Why is this permitted?

Will the developer be required to fund the additional resources such as police and fire needed to support this?  if not, why not?

-FP of Hudson, NH


One thing I can tell you about for sure is the Tractor trailer traffic nightmare that will absolutely happen if this project gets built. Beyond the potential for hundreds and hundreds of trucks rolling into Hudson, into our already congested traffic, there are other problems that go hand in hand with this traffic. FYI, I work for UPS in the Chelmsford Hub, for 27 years. We see hundreds of trucks a day even in slow times. Many are UPS drivers, many are "gypsies", or contractor carriers. This project will bring in at least double, or even triple that volume, every day and night, 24/7, 365. Many of these drivers can barely back up without hitting something. Many of these are giant sleeper trucks, pulling 53 foot containers. I can promise you, we will see more car/truck accidents, and the cars always lose. Many of these gypsy trucks are poorly maintained, and not safe for the road. Many of these drivers will need to find someplace to pull over and go off duty for 10 hours, to follow DOT hours of service regulations. Many of these trucks will need to get fuel. There are no truck stops anywhere around here. With the exception of going straight up 3A through the Hudson traffic light expressway, where every turn off that road is into a residential area, any direction other than back out to the highway is into a neighborhood. Do we want Tractor trailers on Wason road looking for a place to turn around because they got lost looking for a place to lay over? Trucks parked and idling anywhere they can find a spot? There are only two places to get Diesel fuel on 3A, both of which require a left turn across traffic to get into, and neither of which is set up for large volume of trucks. Also, that kind of trailer traffic will bring lots of broken-down trucks, flat tires, and giant tow trucks. Mobile tire repair trucks will be coming and going changing flat tires with loud air compressors, and tire lug nut guns. I see this every day at UPS. It is inevitable. We will have trucks coming out our ears, with nowhere for them to go. This will be an absolute nightmare for our town. We must all fight to prevent this from happening to Hudson.

- Colin Goyette of Hudson, NH


Stop clearing the beauty of Hudson and utilize the spaces we already have cleared. The best part of our town is it being a small town with lots of green.

-Melissa Johnstone of Hudson, NH


The 2006 development proposal was ahead of its time. It’s a shame it wasn’t completed. I’d much rather a golf course, but I understand the desire to sell. A golf course, with planned winter activities i.e. cross-country skiing, even more ideal. That being said, we are now faced with these warehouses. I am a fan of online shopping and realize product has to come from somewhere, but this area is not meant to handle this noise, traffic etc....

I hope the town realizes that before it’s too late. Think of how Walmart and Sam’s affected traffic when they were introduced. That area cannot take any more. Also, consider the introduction of new retail locations being constructed near Dunkin Donuts, what may take over PMA.... This needs a major risk vs reward review.

-DP of Pelham, NH


The proposed Distribution Center seems to be much too large and encompassing as far as traffic environmental of land usage, road maintenance and Noise and let's not forget pollution from these large trucks. This Center should be placed in a rural area near a highway but away from a populated area of a town. Who initially proposed this? What town officials said it was okay and why and what is Hudson getting out of it? I think the state should be involved and traffic issues in environmental impact and that could block any proceedings from the town unless that is done.

-Pamela Michael of Hudson, NH


I am a direct abutter to this project.  The access road will run thru the property adjacent to my backyard.  I chose Hudson to raise my family, I chose my property in Hudson because it was a quiet and easy to get to off the highway, now it seems like 100-200 18 wheelers coming AND going every day will be my new norm.  As well as a devastated property value trying to sell with that behemoth in my back yard.

-MT of Hudson, NH


The impacts on this amount of green space sounds immense. The traffic in this area is already high. Slow down any approval process until traffic and environmental impacts are spelled out. Must we build on every square inch of green land.? Tyngsboro, Lowell and Dracut need to be heard as well.

-William Nickles of Lowell, MA


Just when we thought Hudson couldn't try to get any uglier with the continuous destruction of small and large forests and green spaces -- the multiple unnecessary gas stations and  endless "developments" and strip malls -- the town now wants to destroy a beautiful green patch of Earth?!  Just for money?!  NH is supposed to be the place of wilderness and nature. Isn't southern NH part of the rest of NH? First thing people see when they drive up from MA (and get off at Exit 2) is a beautiful green golf course with mature trees and wildlife and the feel of nice cool breezes blowing across the hot highway.  I thought Sam's Club and Walmart and the big industrial park was bad enough but now we might be faced with more destruction of nature?!?!  How dare our town not protect its natural resources, animals, and people. What a shame if this monster goes through. Very poor planning on Hudson's part. Time to get hip, Hudson, and stop trying to be an ugly industrial zone. Time to plan for a healthy world that cherishes life, not the destruction of it.

-DS of Hudson, NH

My husband and I are against the building of the logistics center.

-JR of Hudson, NH

This will be a HUGE detriment to Hudson. The ravages of pollution i.e. diesel fuel, oil & air particulates will be damaging to the environment, health & wildlife as well as the Merrimack River. Property values will be affected & the 100+ homeowners who thought that bought forever homes will be devastated. The traffic will be overwhelming. we already have traffic issues now on Lowell Rd., Rtes 111 & 120, not to mention commute on 3A, the NH/Mass. route. We need to STOP this.

-Kathy Crowley of Hudson, NH


Supporters of the Hillwood Development in Hudson are dreaming if they think people would want to live in Hudson with this monstrous "Truck Stop" running eight tractor trailers per hour 24/7 up and down Lowell Road. (And who's to say there won't be more based on the over 360 loading docks and nearly 85 tractor trailer parking stalls in the plan?) Those tractor trailers would be idling at each light, and constantly spewing diesel fumes into the air. Trucks coming from the North would likely come from Nashua, over Bridge Street, polluting that section of Hudson on their way South. 


The fumes, the traffic, and the noise will cause a decline in the quality of life that will drive down property values. Hudson will no longer be a "nice place to live" where people are willing to pay the high property taxes.


And the jobs being promised are only temporary--work during the construction phase, and later warehouse positions that will end up largely being taken over by robots. The truth is that Hillwood cannot promise jobs after the construction phase---and will not reveal their intended tenant for the first two warehouses so that we can talk to them. They do not even have a tenant for the third warehouse. How can the town negotiate with anonymous and non-existent tenants? It can't.


The Hudson Town Select and Planning Boards that seem to be trying to force this development on us for the "big tax revenue" are not serving the residents of Hudson, especially by pursing approvals for it during a pandemic, when it is difficult for citizens to attend meetings and speak up. How much revenue does the town think it will gain and has anyone totaled up the on-going costs that a development this large will generate in terms of police, fire, road repair, and other expenses?


The so-called "open space" that Hillwood promises will be an unusable fraction of the green space that now exists. The noise alone will disrupt wildlife, not to mention the damage to their habitats. There is surely a far better use for this beautiful piece of property, one that will not be so destructive and that will, instead, enhance Hudson, as the golf course has done for so many years. Hudson can do better.

 -RMS of Hudson, NH

I've lived in town for 30 yrs. What can I do to help save green meadow?

-Carl Johnson of Hudson, NH

When Hudson considers the greater good, they only think of the town itself and how much revenue THEY can bring in, not their citizens and taxpayers! I've been through an abusive energy project. The town was more concerned about themselves than the 20 or so citizens that were harmed. There should be no exceptions to rules. Far too many requested in this project. The best hope is the NH DES to see clearly the damage it will do to the river and the applicants inability to factually properly mitigate the damage this project will do to an otherwise undeveloped portion of the river.

-Peggy Huard of Hudson, NH

We have traveled cross country and observed these distribution centers in action and do not want this for our town.  The light, sound, and air pollution will be intense not to mention the traffic. 250 tractor trailers and 30-50 box trucks each 24 hours is a large influx of traffic onto Lowell Road which is already a mess. The south end neighborhoods can expect their property values to drop since 200 feet of buffer is a drop in the bucket.  Why the town didn't go for a multi-purpose facility that would preserve green space and provide something for all residents to enjoy is beyond me. Don't we already have industrial buildings that sit empty that could be renovated. I know Green Meadow owners want things settled but bringing this eye-sore to our town is not good for the town.

-Cynthia Tonseth of Hudson, NH


You really need to destroy this beautiful site with so many empty parcels around that are already business zoned. Once this is gone it is gone forever.

-KC of Wilmington, MA 


I have many concerns about the changing of Green Meadows GC into a Logistics Center.  Before I go on, I'd like to make it very clear that I believe that everyone has the right to sell their property to anyone they would like to providing that it doesn't infringe on the rights of others.

First, considering that any "logistics center" would create an abundance of additional traffic, I see no infrastructure changes in the plans.  I would hope that our elected officials would insist that before any construction was started that a plan was submitted and approved by the town of Hudson and the NH department of transportation.  This approved plan and all work involved should be paid for by the Buyer and be completed prior to any occupancy or storage of any products at the site.

Secondly, the subject of water, air, noise, and light pollution, I believe needs to be addressed in much greater detail.  Without a noticeably clear and enforceable plan to contain all of these things, I believe that all conversations on this subject should cease.  Just a side note, I remember hearing from the Goodwill people during their proposal speech that there would be no more than 3 trailer trucks there at any one time and there would be no activities going on at the site that would cause any noise pollution between 7 PM and 7 AM.  They violate this agreement almost daily and when I have asked the town officials for a copy of the agreement, they tell me they will look for it and get back to me when they find it.  You cannot enforce what you cannot prove was agreed upon.

-Kenneth Jones of Hudson, NH


Looking to propose better option to owner for all as well as alternate location for Hillwood.

-Timothy Wyatt of Hudson, NH


This project is going to destroy the town - no financial benefit can outweigh the damage to the community and the environment!

-AL of Hudson, NH

I have lived in walking distance to Green Meadow for the past 36 years, Over those years I have enjoyed my peaceful neighborhood, beautiful birds , and wildlife from the preserved golf course - this Logistics Center does not belong in this rural part of town - the noise pollution , air pollution , the tractor trailer pumping of the breaks 24/7 is not what Hudson NH needs , our taxes are reasonable, the town has enough industry already! This is a horrible idea especially during a pandemic for the rich to get richer and destroy small town America!

-Gena Hunt of Hudson, NH


I am entirely against this. It will cause incredible congestion to the flow of traffic as well as displace countless wildlife and ruin some of the only green earth left in this town. Pathetic that a deal like this could even go through. Please make it stop.

-KA of Hudson, NH


I grew up in Tyngsboro, Mass and I am very familiar with the area that the Hillwood Co wants to develop. This is a bad idea on so many levels. From the standpoint of traffic, the area just cannot sustain it. The area is already too congested. The proposal will be awful for the environment and the Merrimack River. It is just not a good plan!

-JM of Manchester, NH


I travel Exit 2 and Route 3 for work every day. The 15 miles from the Route 3 / 495 interchange to home each day often takes 45 minutes to an hour. As many as 15 minutes of my commute can be spent just sitting in traffic on Exit 2 waiting for multiple light changes to reach Lowell Road. The traffic is continuing to build each year. Adding this Logistics Center to Hudson’s already overburdened infrastructure will only serve to stifle the traffic of this area. How far into Nashua will the traffic back up each afternoon? How many more light cycles will it add to the wait on Exit 2? The re-development of these golf courses should not come at a cost to the lifestyles and well-being of the families of the town of Hudson. How is it possible that corporate greed can be allowed to impact the residents of our town?

-Michael LaBonte 



I believe that warehouses make small profit per square ft. Therefore, the tax contribution to NH is very small compared the impact on the environment etc. The jobs are low paying. I would think Hudson would want something better.

-RV of N/A


Lowell road for the last 20 years can’t handle the traffic!! Never mind a big development like this!!!

-FP of Hudson, NH


The construction of a large distribution center will, I’m sure, produce new jobs, both temporary and permanent, in Hudson. Whether those jobs will be filled by Hudson residents or by commuters from Massachusetts or other cities and towns in New Hampshire is anybody’s guess. What is more certain is that the non-stop operation of a large distribution center, including the constant movement of large trucks to and from the center, will have a major detrimental impact on the quality of life for many of Hudson's residents, contribute to traffic congestion in the area, and accelerate the wear and tear on our town roads. I would also hazard a guess that those sorts of changes would also have a significant adverse impact on residential property values over a fairly wide area of the town. The Green Meadow golf courses are a Hudson landmark. In fact, I moved to south Hudson twenty years ago in order to be close to Green Meadow, with the thought that even well into my golden years I would be able to find my way to two great nearby golf courses. Now that I am a senior, I am heartbroken that Green Meadow could disappear in the near future. During a time when we are all struggling with a pandemic that has placed severe limits on the number of safe, outdoor sources of recreation that are available to us, losing Green Meadow would be a small tragedy.

-FC of Hudson, NH


From what I heard from other neighbor's, Amazon will be the main client of the logistic center. That will cause a lot of traffic problems in South Hudson. Also, problems for the residents who live next to the golf course.

-MS of Hudson, NH


Increasing the tax base while destroying the town is stupid - residential property values will decrease as the town chokes on non-resident traffic - all these jobs are low paying, likely with no benefits - half of the industrial park across from Market Basket is vacant, that should be the first place they look - climate crisis will make this type of facility untenable - it is entirely based on the fossil fuels which are destroying the earth - the temperature of the adjacent neighborhoods will increase as a result of the trucks and machinery - capitalism is not sustainable and this center is all about making money selling and distributing shit no one needs - golf courses are environmental nightmares, rewilding is the appropriate action

-RP of Hudson, NH


Tractor trailers and 50 box trucks coming and going every day amounts to 1 truck every 2 minutes for 8 hours a day. Traffic in the area is already dense. This will cripple traffic, greatly increase noise and destroy a beautiful piece of property. Hudson can do much better than this! A community development with mixed use, homes, condos, restaurants and walking trails is a much better use of the property than this eyesore.

-JM of Nashua, NH


This land could be used as a waterfront shops and restaurant area with luxury housing to beautify Hudson and make it a destination money maker for the town.

-MR of Hudson, NH

Our family has lived in Hudson for over 40 years and has witnessed many changes to our town. Change is inevitable but this proposed Hillwood project would certainly not bring good changes to our Hudson. Don’t be fooled by the talk of lower property tax rates and high paying jobs. This project would put additional strains on our already stretched water supplies and cause air pollution from hundreds of trucks and cars coming and going 365 days a year 24/7. We say a loud NO to this proposed Hudson Logistic Center.

-K&SM of Hudson, NH


My concerns about the Hillwood proposal encompasses the full gambit from traffic and noise to environmental and potential residential property value declines. Solving all of these issues is key to moving forward, as we all know, eventually this property will be developed.  Is this proposal the best for Hudson and the region? The potential impact on traffic and the environment alone should give everyone pause before approving this development.

-Scott Wade of Hudson, NH


I have been a resident of Hudson for twenty-three years. I have raised three daughters in this wonderful town that offers so much to its residents. I reside in a residential neighborhood directly across from the proposed Logistics Center entrance. This letter is to state my concerns if this proposal were to be accepted: • Rena, Rita, and Rega streets, our neighborhood, would share the same traffic light of the Logistics Center. o Currently, it is not uncommon for some to “run” the traffic light, which has shown to have a significant amount of car accidents and safety concerns for pedestrians. o The traffic light mentioned is in close proximity to the next traffic light at Walmart, which means if three trucks were to exit the Center, there would be no room for additional cars exiting from the neighborhood, and I am sure this would increase in further “running red light.” - The aforementioned would increase the wait time at the light. • The proposed Logistics center would increase noise pollution of the center itself and from the numerous amounts of trucking. Again, please note the Logistics Center would be adjacent to residential neighborhoods. • Environmental pollution is a concern as well due to diesel fumes of trucks who idle at lights. • There is no doubt there will be a negative impact on wildlife and wetlands. • The current green space would be gone, forever.

-Georgine Clancy of Hudson, NH

The nature and beauty of this world needs to be preserved. Watch the Lorax if you don’t know what greed can bring to this world.

-JT of Hudson, NH


My wife and I moved to Hudson 14 years ago. Part of the draw for us was the small-town feel, and a less expensive housing alternative to MA. In these 14 years we have watched strip mall after strip mall come in, many of which have had vacant storefronts for years. As well as more and more vacant industrial space. And the traffic on Lowell Rd., coming from route 3 is a nightmare. I agree with others that the Friel family have every right to sell their property and retire from the golf business in Hudson. However, a logistics complex of this size is just not the right fit for the location of that property. The town fathers need to think about the massive disruption to the quality of life in Hudson that this complex will create. It's not always about the tax revenue!

-JD of Hudson, NH

Will the town have any control over the tenants of these buildings relative to the number of truck trips per day verses Hillwood’s estimate of 250 per day? Hillwood has been quoted in the newspaper interviews that they have built similar distribution centers in residential areas with no problems with the neighbors or impacts on the property values. Would request that Hillwood identify the locations so we could contact those residents for their inputs. Does the town intend on doing an independent noise study and will the people most impacted have a voice in the planning of this study?

-Paul Groleau of Hudson, NH


I have been a resident of beautiful Hudson NH for roughly 5 years now and spent most of my childhood growing up in nearby Dracut MA. This proposal is downright heartbreaking. The Green Meadows Golf Course property is stunning and full of gorgeous views, 100+ years of natural forestry and wildlife the same. There has to be a better, already cleared, commercial space more suitable for this endeavor. I have already seen first-hand how the recently constructed Amazon facility in Dedham MA has affected the local residents. Overcrowded gas stations, nonstop traffic issues, belligerent delivery drivers (flipping off residents, causing accidents, leaving urine bottles and trash on the sides of the road); just to name a few. Some people say it will be good for Hudson’s growth but the fact is that these are low paying jobs made up of mostly out of town workers who will profusely congest the town we have all come to love. Please make it a point to get your voice heard.

-DC of Hudson, NH


I want to help save Hudson. Have lived here 30 years and this is truly the worst idea.

-DM of Hudson, NH


Why ruin a beautiful golf course and river side land brimming with wildlife to build warehouses?

-WF of Windham, NH


Green Meadows is a tremendous facility. It would be a shame to see a recreational facility turned into a massive logistics center with environmental consequences far outweighing the benefits.

-KH of Westford, MA


This will absolutely destroy the neighborhood I’ve lived in for my whole entire life!

-JH of Hudson, NH

On the Hillwood's Hudson Logistics Center website, they state the following: "Hillwood plans to work with the town to optimize the signal timing at four intersections and to turn the Mercury Systems driveway into a new public roadway to handle the increased traffic."  How would the Mercury Systems driveway serve as a public roadway? How would making this a public roadway alleviate some of the increased traffic congestion? The road currently only leads to Mercury Systems and potentially to the Logistic Center. Why would the town like to take on the responsibility and maintenance of this roadway that will primarily be travelled by the Logistic Center trucks and worker vehicles in addition to the increased roadway repair on other town roads? Please consider these unnecessary, ongoing costs to the Town of Hudson. 

-RB of Hudson, NH


I lived in south Hudson for over 17 years, and I agree that this logistic center should be stopped. I still travel through Hudson every day on my way to and from work. Traffic on Lowell Rd is already a nightmare during morning and evening commutes. This center will just make it worse. When I lived in Hudson, I could hear the traffic from Rt. 3 from where I lived off of Musquash Rd, and the noise only receded at night. I'm sure this center will increase that volume even more, and that volume would go on 24/7. The residents that would live adjacent and close to this center shouldn't have their lives disrupted by it. There is no guarantee that this center will bring money into the town as I'm sure that the company will be offered many tax breaks just to get it built there as large corporations are often promised such things. I also believe this center will be a huge eyesore along the Merrimack River, and I support keeping the land as is (undeveloped and open for wildlife). It's a nice view seeing this land with its trees and green grass when entering Hudson from Rt 3. All in all this center would bring more problems than benefits to the town, and this land should be protected from any future development.

-DP of Nashua, NH


I have a many concerns regarding the proposed Hudson Logistics Center. Have proper traffic surveys been done (not during the pandemic)? What about wear and tear on Sagamore Bridge? Will the beaver dam in Limit Brook by Chalifoux Rd be affected by pollutants or shift in water flow due to blasting up stream? Will pollutants seep into underground water flow that supplies wells for irrigation systems? Will these water flows be affected by blasting? What if there is a fire in one of these facilities, what contaminants will be in the air? Is there an evacuation plan for the residential neighborhoods?

-PS of Hudson, NH


Absolutely no way that we want this company here in Hudson

-SZ of Hudson, NH


We, the Town of Hudson taxpayers, need to keep Green Meadows pristine. It is a vital part of our town. I propose that the town buy the land and golf course business. We can outsource the management and benefit from the profitability of the golf course. Putting in a distribution center will cause population, traffic, damage water level and ecosystems. Put a heavy burden on scarce essentials such as fire, police. Please keep Green Meadows!

-KH of Hudson, NH


I am 31 years old and born and raised in Hudson. I now reside here with my husband and 2 children after years of living in Boston and the North Shore. We specifically chose to move back to Hudson for the well-rounded qualities the town offers. We love the sense of community and environment here. We enjoy being close to the highway yet being able to enjoy the beauty of its nature. The Hudson logistics center will completely destroy all of the wonderful reasons we decided to move back here. I have fond memories of fishing on the Merrimack River with my grandfather and Dad and grew up on Green Meadow Golf Course. Putting the logistics center in will ruin one if not both of these memories and restrict me from making them with my children. Being outside on the river or outside golfing are two of Hudson’s greatest features and are some great ways to get kids outdoors and involved in something other than mischief or drugs. There are numerous reasons the logistic center is a terrible idea (traffic, population, pollution, etc...) as listed in other comments, but for me, the most important is degrading the quality of life for the residents of Hudson.

-SM of Hudson, NH


We hope the warehouse project doesn't go through at the Green Meadow Golf Club. We enjoy the quiet of our neighborhood and the green spaces of the town. We sincerely hope that those governing in this town of Hudson will appreciate the same. A 3-warehouse facility with loading and unloading trucks will add to the traffic, noise and pollution one associates with city living and industrial complexes

-D & AA of Hudson, NH


As town residents and homeowners we need to carefully consider the potential benefits and drawbacks to any large project that will alter the character of the community we choose to call home. The only benefit I have seen touted for the logistic center is job creation, but these are not the type of jobs that Hudson residents need to thrive. They are too low pay to afford to live in this town. These jobs would lower the median income of our town if town residents are even interested in working in this facility. They will not contribute meaningfully to our tax base because most workers won't be residents and won't be able to own land here. The drawbacks are numerous and covered in other comments, but I think it is clear this project is a bad deal for Hudson.

-MH of Hudson, NH


You do that, we will no longer be a town. You might as well vote in a mayor. Against it. Let them build in Nashua.

-GT of Hudson, NH


I support this plan.

KP of Tyngsboro, MA


How will traffic on Dracut Rd, Lowell Rd, and River Rd be controlled, keeping truck traffic off these roads.

-JM of Hudson, NH


My biggest concern is about how this center will be monitored and who will be held accountable for Hillwood’s promises. Hillwood makes lofty assurances of thousands of jobs, millions of dollars in community improvements, and low negative impacts for the surrounding residential communities. These promises seem overly optimistic at best, and manipulative and disingenuous at worst. For example, Hillwood’s FAQ states “Approximately 150 to 200 tractor trailers and 35 to 50 box trucks” will travel to and from the logistics center each day. According to Hillwood, they plan to build 842 trailer parking stalls and 363 loading docks. What’s stopping the unnamed tenant(s) from increasing operations once everything is up and running? Worst case scenario, the distribution centers are built and things don’t work out- Hudson is left with 144 acres of ruined green space and more empty buildings for sale.

-RM of Hudson, NH

Area Logistics Center Would Eliminate Our Quality of Life

Save Hudson and surrounding towns as your quality of life is in danger. In case you are unaware, there is a development company called Hillwood from Texas who is interested in transforming the Green Meadow Golf Course into a logistics center most likely for an ecommerce business. The nearly 400 acres of green space would be reshaped with 3 humongous buildings, almost 50 ft high and covering 2.6 million square ft collectively. In the absolute they will encompass 130 Million Cubic Ft.  It would be similar to 3 Pheasant Lane Malls! In addition to these massive buildings with 363 bays to receive tractor trailers, they are planning parking space for 840 tractor trailer trucks and 1840 cars. This would be a 24/7, 365 days operation.

There are many concerns that arise from this proposal. The sheer number of tractor trailers involved would not only cause traffic congestion but would add significant air pollution from the diesel fumes and its particulates sent into the air.  Our roads are already inadequate for today’s traffic but think about the hundreds of trucks and the thousand or so of cars added to our roads every day from this facility.   There will be an increase in vehicle accidents with some involving diesel spills.  Is Hudson and its surrounding communities prepared to handle this increased burden to its infrastructure of police, fire, and public works departments. These trucks will be searching for ways to access Interstate 93, 495, in addition to the obvious Routes 3 and 3A.  If you believe this will only affect south Hudson you are kidding yourself. The southern part of Hudson will be the magnet but these trucks will be utilizing the smaller side roads around the area. Normal trips to Market Basket, Sam’s, WalMart, Friend Lumber and the DW Highway will take on new challenges. Other Lowell Road destinations will feel the pain as well. The south end of Nashua will be burdened with traffic congestion, pollution, and noise too. The folks who reside at the adult community at Colliston Yard on the DW Highway are directly across from the proposed project and will certainly be influenced by traffic, noise and pollution from the 24/7 operations.

There are other things to consider. The impact to our wetlands and water will be significantly affected by the 150 to 200 million gallons of runoff from rooftops and asphalt lots.  This runoff will go into our streams and the adjacent Merrimack River which we have worked diligently to clean up.  The lower Merrimack River was designated to be protected under the NH Rivers Management & Protection Program in June 1990. This clearly will impact the river’s quality as well as the wildlife that lives along its riverbanks. Our wetlands will be compromised and forever changed. In addition, the downstream cities of Lowell and Lawrence rely on the river for their drinking water. Will the runoff compromise the quality of water for these communities?


Hillwood offers low paying jobs and supposed tax revenues in exchange for giving us traffic congestion, air, noise, water, and light pollution, roadway deterioration, major impact to our water and sewer systems which all equals a reduction in our quality of life.  No longer will Hudson be able to say, “Hudson a great place to call home” but rather “Welcome to Hudson home of traffic congestion, and pollution.”

-Marie Dobens of Hudson, NH

I've lived in Hudson for 27 years on Burns Hill Rd, a collection road in town. It's a great place to call home even though the traffic has increased dramatically over the years. Although I believe in property owner rights it should not be at the demise of one’s neighbors or in this case the entire town and nearby towns. I believe that this will be shown in the extensive studies which are being conducted at this time. Of the hundreds of questions that I have with the current proposal I will ask a few that I don't think have been presented: 1. Regardless of asking price, did the Friel family ever approach town officials to inquire if selling the parcels to the town was a possibility considering the impact it would have to the town? If not, why not? If so, what was the correspondence? 2. Is the town performing a comprehensive fiscal impact study to determine what will be the net gain in tax revenue after the following items are addressed should the project move forward? a. Increased Fire and EMT Dept staffing / budgeting b. Increased Police Dept staffing & budgeting c. Increased Highway Dept staffing & budgeting-road maintenance and plowing d. Increased Water Utility demand - Infrastructure, capacity, line pressure. e. Increased Sewer Utility demand -Infrastructure and capacity. f. Increased town services - Admin, zoning, code enforcement and especially engineering dept. g. Increased school system demand if these "good" jobs for Hudson residents actually come to fruition. (2800 at $15/hr starting) 3. What is the town's evacuation plan in the event there was a major event like a fully involved fire, explosion, etc. at one of these huge distribution warehouses? Example: On June 5, 2020 the 600,000 sq. ft Amazon facility in Redlands, CA (similar large shipment warehouse functionality) was totally destroyed. The 3-alarm fire could NOT be put out. Do I have more questions? I'm sure like other residents there are many, many other questions that need to be answered on topics that town officials are aware of and trying to get info on: Traffic, noise, pollution and wetlands being the hot topics. Traffic concerns everyone within 10 miles of Green Meadow. I've just started reviewing the 369-page Traffic Impact Study performed by Langan Engineering. Thanks for listening and striving to make Hudson the best it can be!

-Ed Thompson of Hudson, NH


I grew up and Hudson and I am planning on moving back very soon. Green Meadow golf course has always offered such a beautiful green space in our ever-developing southern NH region. Destroying this green space to add an industrial site will completely transform the entire dynamic of Hudson. I feel as though it will not be the same Hudson I grew up in with added traffic and more people commuting to the town. If this Logistics Center is built, I don’t know if I will want to live in Hudson and raise my kids in the beautiful town I cherish.

-Lauren Toomey of Nashua, NH

I have a concern about the amount of traffic that will be on Lowell and Dracut roads. It is already hard enough to pull out into Dracut road from Musquash or sanders roads I can’t imagine with 1000 new employees how much that will make it worse.

-Sue LaRoche of Hudson, NH

We are strongly opposed to the logistics center. As 39-year residents of south Hudson we highly value the quality of life we have here - green spaces, quiet neighborhoods, and relatively low traffic. The proposed center would negatively affect the entire area and would cause us and many people to consider relocating which up until now has not even been a consideration. We love our town and want to continue to see it thrive but this is not what we want the future of Hudson to look like.

-LS of Hudson, NH

At what point in time will elected officials truly represent their constituents rather than listen to the almighty dollar.

-Mark Ashworth of Enon, OH

As an aquatic ecologist, I'm very concerned about the potential environmental impacts of the proposed logistics center. I live about as far away from the logistics center as you can, while still living in Hudson, so this is not a NIMBY issue for me. Although the current golf course is obviously not a "natural" ecosystem, human managed open spaces like these still support a lot of wildlife that would not be able to survive in an industrial park. Also, the area would be transformed to one dominated by parking lots and enormous buildings - all impervious surfaces, and this new development would dominate the existing Limit Brook watershed. Perhaps even more worrying is the fact that much of the watershed would no longer drain into the brook, but rather be routed directly into the Merrimack River. For a small brook to lose that much of the land area of its watershed would be transformative. The environmental impact statement describes Limit Brook as a perennial stream, but I'm afraid that it would no longer consistently flow if it lost that much land area. That would potentially dry out the downstream wetlands, leading to further habitat losses that extend well beyond the property itself.

-WM of Hudson, NH

I guess all you nay sayers should not have opposed the Circumferential Highway. Now without it, the trucks WILL be using Wason Rd etc. to access Route 111 and I-93. It's your own fault. Everything we use is delivered by trucks. We need to thank the truck drivers and give them more support. Maybe some enterprising person can find enough space to open a truck stop nearby.

-AP of Hudson, NH

I am a resident of Hudson, NH, and I am concerned about the plan to build such a large commercial center in our town. The plans for the location do not seem to provide adequate protection for water quality or the ecosystems and wildlife that will be displaced. In addition, the location is extremely close to a residential neighborhood that will be inevitably impacted by increased noise, pollution, and traffic. Hillwood should take into account the concerns of Hudson residents and modify their development plans to include more green space, more appropriate stormwater runoff control, larger riparian buffers, and more protection for local residents from noise pollution. Without significant changes, this proposed development should not go forward.

-KM of Hudson, NH

I feel that “no one” would want Amazon in their back yard with the traffic, pollution and menial jobs. Would the owners of this project want this in their backyard? Destroying the little open space left.

-JDM of Nashua, NH


We recently moved to Hudson for its beauty and nature. I strongly oppose this development effort. A development of this scale should be moved to an industrial area where it belongs and not in a residential area where it is no more than a source of pollution to air, water and noise harming everyone living around. And not to forget the damage caused to the wildlife!!

-MA of Hudson, NH

I think the proposal is vague, allot or non-truthful answers about who really is going to be operating the facility and the future of the rest of the 370 acres. This operation wood upset southern Hudson residents drastically. We have enough traffic as it is. The impact on other towns will be enormous as well.

-MD of Hudson, NH

I abut the golf course I do not want this here at all. Way too much going on with project. They will ruin our quality of life here. Stop this at all means.

-KM of Hudson, NH

What will the source of water for the development of the HLC facility?

... during construction?  during operation?


In the past a certain amount of sewage has been transferred to Nashua for treatment but that has limits.

What are the current plans/limits for this development?  I have been told that the HLC

project will not generate much sewage.  It is hard to believe 2500 three shift employees will not generate sewage.


I understand that many changes have been made to the HLC plans -- how/when do we get to see them?


At the site walk through Planning Board meeting the HLC rep said that there would not be a fueling station on

the HLC property.  Where and when would the vehicles be fueled/refueled?


The restoration of natural environment is promised at the end of ten years.  Why should home owners have to tolerate

disturbance of quality of life for a decade?


How would pollution of the Merrimack River be avoided during construction?  During operation of HLC? How would

pollution/damage to communities downriver be prevented?


There have been comments made about the abutters are trying to block the sale of the Green Meadow Property.  That

is not true. The Friel’s can sell to any qualified buyer but they cannot guarantee that the buyer can do whatever they want

with the property.


Where can we see the estimated costs of increased police, fire, emergency, traffic and contingency fund costs in a

realistic comparison with projected income to the town from HLC?


How would the relocation of all the wildlife from the golf course be handled?

-Connie Owen of Hudson, NH

I am very concerned about the multiple potential negative impacts of building a facility of this magnitude in this area. 

-Linda Hubbard of Nashua, NH


My husband Michael and I are in full support of STOPPING yet another development company from making millions off wreaking havoc in our town. The traffic is already bad enough during the rush hours on Lowell Rd/ Exit 2 off Rt. 3 and along 3A. My entire family who lives right on the state border in Tyngsboro, MA have been coming up Rt 3A into Hudson, NH for over 35 years. All of their essentials are here in Hudson from their grocery shopping at Market Basket and Sam's Club, getting their gas at Haffner's, running errands at Walmart, and dining at TBones. They have already said they won't put up with the traffic getting into Hudson if this project passes and plan on going into Nashua instead to the Daniel Webster Hwy commercial area. This project is forcing other surrounding towns to go elsewhere to shop, dine, and spend their money. So how is that beneficial or economical to these existing Hudson businesses and especially our town? All of our local businesses will suffer from this traffic issue and will be losing revenue from other local towns who don't want to put up with it. Meanwhile the Hudson Logistics Center gets to makes its millions! The worst and most concerning part of all of this is that this Hudson Logistics Center is right along the Merrimack River. Travel a few miles south along this same river and you will find that Tyngsboro Country Club is already getting taken down by more developers to build, build, build! The pollution and disruption of wildlife this chaos is going to cause is so unfortunate. The amount of wildlife that gathers near the Merrimack River is a good enough reason to STOP THIS. WE SUPPORT SAVE HUDSON NH AND ITS CAUSE TO STOP THE HUDSON LOGISTICS CENTER FROM BEING BUILT!!!

-AS of Hudson, NH


I live just off of Lowell Rd. in Hudson and The traffic during rush hour from Market Basket to Roosevelt Ave can take 10 to 15 minutes. That is 1.7 miles and a normal 4 minutes ride. During rush hour times in the morning and the evening it can take 5 minutes just to get out of Roosevelt Ave to take a left because of the amount of traffic we already have. What will the town do to help alleviate the slow down and extra traffic on an already fully packed road? I am sure this will also impact the bridges on the other end coming from Nashua which are heavily congested in the morning and evening. What are the towns plans to alleviate that congestion that will even be heavier with this happening? Trucks going to 93 will probably use 111 that would mean heavy truck use turning right from Lowell Road to rte. 111. What is the impact these trucks will have through that school zone? Hudson should think about taking care of the traffic congestion before taking on this project.

-Gary Newton of Hudson, NH


Traffic is bad enough in town now. Trucks will be parked around the town waiting for their time slot to get in. Where will they park? Market basket, Sams, Walmart, Irving station on Lowell Rd? Stop Hudson logistics center (Amazon)!!

-DP of Hudson, NH

Please stop this before it is too late. The beautiful acreage that is there now can never be RETRIEVED. Ask yourselves "Do we really need this project"???

-Francis Peters of Hudson, NH

Hudson has enough traffic! WE don't need noise and trucks going up and down Lowell Rd. There is a safety concern also. We all know that all this will NOT help our taxes. The Hudson we love will be gone!

-Maria Larose of Hudson, NH

You would think that a more important project would be the circumferential highway. Something that has been in planning forever. Where are all the environmental people now that we want to destroy this beautiful area. it reminds me of the song "cut all the trees and put up a parking lot" SAD SAD SAD. Maybe remove one golf club and build condos or houses. Does this town have any imagination?

-Robert Lavigne of Hudson, NH

Please don't let this go thru. Turning 2 public golf courses into a logistic center? Not good for a number of reasons. The environment, traffic, quality of life...

- JG of Nashua, NH

Its bad enough that the "powers to be" snuck the apt. units going up on Lowell rd. by us. now with this logistics center Lowell Rd is going to be nothing but bumper to bumper every day. What are they going to do put up MORE lights on Lowell? Whatever happened to putting things on the ballot for the people to vote on? Just an all-round BAD idea..

-R & MM of Hudson, NH

No trucking business in Hudson NH

-RG of Hudson, NH


It is a shame to lose the golf courses and what Phil Friel created, but I guess the Friel family has the right to do what they wish with their property as long as it does not adversely affect the environment and traffic flow. We are concerned about traffic over Merrimack River which already backs up at certain times of the day going into Hudson Route 3A. from Nashua. Will there be an additional exit and on ramp to highway by-pass from the logistics center other than Steele Road?

-TB of Nashua, NH


I do not want this in my town!

-JG of Hudson, NH


I do no want this center in my town.

-DM of Hudson, NH


I would like to voice my opposition to the proposed logistics center. I do not believe this will be beneficial for our town.

-KM of Hudson, NH

We should bring residences not warehouses ..We need young blood so the town can grow.

-Alvaro Cardenas of Hudson, NH

I want my kids (4 and 6) to grow up with nearby green spaces not with the noise and pollution of trucks 24 hours a day. We need our elected officials to step up and put preserving our environment for future generations ahead of any perceived financial gain that this development may bring in the short term.

-SC of Nashua, NH

The only ingress/egress for the total proposed endeavor must be via Lowell Road which is already at maximum capacity. There is little chance that River Rd will be able to handle the traffic growth that is inevitable when drivers coming and going encounter the resulting delays. Inclement weather will only exacerbate the problem without major road work.

-RB of Hudson, NH

We need to save this gem and all our open space to keep this town the type of place we all moved here for. Route 3A is already such an eye sore.

-SA of Hudson, NH

Within Hudson's already existing industrial area, there are multiple vacant buildings that could be utilized in turn preserving beautiful open spaces that will be marred by the Logistic Center's construction.

-Michael Forlizzi of Hudson, NH

The plan is way too dense... the loss in residential value will approach the tax base of the new project is there any selectman or town planner who has ANY expertise on these sized developments? just look at the fulfillment centers in Polk City FL and Tejon CA to see the damage

-GA of Nashua, NH

The powers that be in Hudson are not amenable to any plans except those that bring in revenue. When we tried to stop a behemoth building from being built on our street, we were shot down in no uncertain terms. They care only about revenue. Good luck with trying to stop this abominable project.

-NN of Hudson, NH


My commute to work is already horrendous. Living on the Hudson /Pelham line and commuting to work on rte. 3 and using exit 2 in Hudson. We can’t have MORE traffic volume in Hudson NH!!!!

-Paula Smith of Pelham, NH

Why can’t we leave green space in our NH areas? Why distribution centers? Hudson is a small town and the Tax Payers should have the right to choose on what they want to preserve too. No one in a small town moved there for this type of construction. It will make going there from other parts of the area more clogged also, and may discourage shopping there.

-AG of Nashua, NH

Please do not allow the destruction of the beautiful habitat of Green Meadow. Please reconsider the zoning of this land. It would be a great and progressive step of the town of Hudson to rezone this area in a manner which would protect the air quality, noise levels, and personal health impact to its residents and prohibit the intended commercial sale.

-Monica Kiernan of Hudson, NH

The proposed Hudson Logistic Center project makes the traffic a lot worse than what it already is. Frequent traffic jams on Sagamore bridge, Lowell road and Wason road (prior to COVID) make it difficult to go to work in time. We moved to Hudson several years back because of green rural quiet neighborhoods with low traffic.

-BV of Hudson, NH

How about you take your plastic signs down before your precious wildlife chokes trying to eat them? This development of the Green Meadow Golf course has been talked about for years and different ideas have emerged. It is so close to the border; it isn't going to impact current traffic patterns. If you don't like it move north.....

-AM of Hudson, NH

At one point the space was going to be used for Retail Shops (nice stores not junk ones), an outdoor movie theater, walking paths along the river, etc. That could have been nice for many. But the town didn't want that. They want this instead? Trucks in and out, noise and pollution...are you kidding me? But wait, I guess I shouldn't be too surprised. After all, they voted in for a Goodwill store, which is useless, and they voted for the current location of Hudson Police Dept. What a stupid area for a police station. When is this town going to smarten up?

-LA of Hudson, NH


I am writing this to show that I am totally against that proposal! It would definitely have a negative effect on the town no matter how much tax money it would bring in!
How can the planning board even consider it? The impact on truck traffic would be tremendous as well as bridge maintenance! Too many negatives to list!
I support your efforts!

-KK of Hudson, NH

We relocated to Hudson eight months ago.. our reasons for choosing our neighborhood was the quiet residential area, the short distance to work and other conveniences. It is already often difficult to get on Dracut rd. due to traffic. The proposed distribution center will negatively affect our life style and our property value..

-KF of Hudson, NH

I can solve this problem quickly! The town buys the property and converts it to Hudson Public Golf Course! Using the Capital Reserve and General Fund, to Initiate the purchase. This will create revenue for the town as well as create jobs. Then put it on a referendum vote at the next elections! Let the people decide if they want to keep a recreational asset or a traffic shipment center. Having been there many mornings enjoying the outdoors, my call to arms would be “Keep the Jungle not The Concrete Jungle!

-Stephen DeLuca of Hudson, NH

I am against Logistic Center from coming into Hudson N.H. and ruining the beauty of Hudson N.H. and the wild life. If I wanted to live in a city I would of stayed in the city where its dirty. Keep it and your undisclosed owner out of Hudson N.H. and stop trying to make it look like a city all for a payout. Don't Sell Out The residents of Hudson N.H.

-DT of Hudson, NH

STOP SHOPPING ONLINE!!! BUY LOCAL FROM LOCAL SHOPS. If everyone did this there wouldn't be these buildings everywhere.

-Jason Savage of Hudson, NH

This is a disgrace to beautiful Hudson NH, action needs to be taken against this

-SB of Tyngsboro, MA

Please save this beautiful green space and MOST of all NO more trailer trucks on Lowell road!

-RD of Hudson, NH

After reading the information presented in this web-site and the many questions that have been raised, I am totally against this Logistics Center being built in the small town of Hudson, NH.

-LL of Hudson, NH

Route 3 is already a tough commute for so many. Having to contend with freighters will make it much worse.

-CC of Nashua, NH

Though I haven't been playing at Green Meadow in the last 5 years, I believe that Phil built a legend. The last time I played the Jungle, I thought with some small changes maybe the PGA in NH. I also think that the beauty of the courses are more needed than cement buildings and parking lots. I said in 2006 that the company trying to purchase should look for an area that is already set up for the type of business they are into. There must be buildings or properties available, with our current conditions.

-KK of Nashua, NH

I would like to learn more about this, and what our town government is doing. It seems to me that Lowell Road cannot adequately handle the amount of traffic we currently experience on it. Adding a massive complex like this would likely create crippling traffic conditions that impact everyone in our community.

-EG of Nashua, NH

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